Passport Services

The Best services for Indian Passport is available with us and we are the authorized service providers for the Embassy of India and Counsulates across the USA. Our process for Indian passports is handled with safe measures and managed efficiently for all the applicants, considered individually. We are the authorized service providers for the application for Indian Passport and we welcome and are open to all, who want to avail our services.

Passport Services

The proof of US citizenship is the country passport. We offer new and renewal services for US passports for the US citizens who provides valid proof of their citizenship at all the times. Our renewal and extra page adding services could be a plus if you are looking for instant provisions from us. So if you are in need of or want your application to proceed with secure procurement and easy documentation for US passport, you can ask for our services instantly.

The VISA Facility

The VISA facility is available for the applicants or US nationals, irrespective of their locations or residences. Before initializing any process of the visa, the applicants are advised to go through the requirements for the VISA they really needing to apply.

Business & Tourism VISA

We provide hassle free visa for business or tourist purposes. All that is needed are enfolding and filling few forms. If these forms are compiled correctly and completely then for sure we will process them for you on the fast tracks. We do consult personally in case of defaulters with the embassy consular officers or other passport issuing authority to resolve any concerns for your visa.

Expedite Same Day Travel VISA

If you are rushing and have instant travel plans, you might need to procure same day travel visas (conditions applicable). In such time-sensitive opportunity, we would rapidly go for the documentation processing and we are sure to come with the appropriate method of deliverables.


This visa entitles the visa holder to live and work in the USA for short duration. An H1B1 visa is generally granted for a period of one year and then the extensions availed in later stages of renewal. H2A VISA A H2A visa entitles the visa holder to live and work in the US territory for short duration. It is usually granted for a period of one year and then the extensions availed in later stages of renewals.

Filing for a relative

A lawful permanent US resident is a national who has all grants and privileges of permanently live and work in the USA. There are various ways to make eligible permanent immigration to the USA for close relatives who can be sponsored by the US resident (it can be you).

Family Visa

The natural US citizens and legal permanent residents can sponsor their family members for permanent resident status. It is a condition sponsorship given by US citizens to family members like spouce, parents, unmarried siblings and so on. Generally it expediates the immigration procedures for the non US spouces who are married to US citizens and permanent residents.

Citizenship /

The immigrants do come to US looking for better life and security, and always do strengthen the nation in the process. If you do apply for the US citizenship with naturalization by showing your dedication & commitment for the US country. In return, you are awarded all the rights and privileges as a citizenship do have.

Of Support

The US citizens or permanent residents who are sponsoring a relative to be a permanent resident of the USA, must accept legal responsibility for financially support the invited relative. Do accept the responsibility and sponsor your relative by completing and signing the document “Affidavit of Support”.

Fiance Visa

If you are an US citizen or permanent resident and if you have plans to marry an alien (non-US citizen), either in or outside US territory, then do apply for Fiance visa for your life partner to be the permanent resident of the US.

Removal of
Condition (CR1)

If a legal marriage exists between an US citizen and an alien, living together and after a short duration do file a legal case of divorce or death documents depicting termination of the marriage which is verifiable in the country. In such cases CR1 visa is for a spouse of an US citizen whose marriage did not last to 2 years.

Visiting Visa

A non-US citizen or alien citizen, who is looking for a visit to USA must apply and obtain a valid US Visitor visa. This visa is for the short period of duration like pleasure, medical treatment, tourism or visit to a relative at USA. Based on the trip purposes, apply for the specific visa which entails short period stay at the USA.

Visiting Visa

Some of the visitors do like to extend their visit to US territory by applying to the department of USCIS for extension of visa term. US visitors can be granted extension of maximum 6 months of duration on certain conditions.

OCI Card Services

Apply for Indian OCI Card with a duly filled application form and relevant documents. Do apply and track for the status of the same with us. We offer services as know steps to get deep understanding of the procedures for the OCI application.

PAN Card Services

In the world of globalization which has no extend for work and investments, being an Indian origin US citizen, avail the PAN Card for opportunities & assignments in the corporate and investment avenues in India. Any foreign national receiving payments from India need to provide a mandatory PAN Card Number. Get your PAN Card done through our instant services and comply with the rules & regulation while investing and doing business with India.

PIO Card Services

A PIO Card is another facility by Indian Ministry of Home Affairs, which is issued for the applicant lifetime, with the date of issue for a valid US or Foreign passport holder of Indian origin. We do offer services for resident nationals of US and Indian origin to get the PIO Card done with utmost security measures and with efficiently handled cases at the consulates and embassy of India.

How Does This Whole Thing Work?

Passports & More in Stafford, TX is managed by Lalu Cherian and offers passport and related services. A passport is a document, issued by a national government for the purpose of international travel. It certifies the identity and nationality of the holder. An immigration attorney is available for you upon request.